A subset of the single ladies and men put your hands up!
You know, something I didn't really go into here - and this is important to me - is that it's really important to at least occasionally play a character whose sexuality is distinct from your own. That's what I do, well, pretty much every time I play. My characters do not mirror my own attractions more than occasionally, and even then it's usually only in broad terms. For one thing, it's more entertaining when you watch your characters make decisions that are dumb and entertaining. But it's also because part of the goal when you roleplay is to step out of yourself. You explore aspects of your personality you wouldn't be thinking of otherwise. That's important stuff, and it's well worth jumping into unfamiliar territory to see what it's like. No, you might not be attracted to these people, but your characters are, and that's the important part. Enjoy! Tomorrow is the monthly subscriber bonus, and Sunday will feature the Patron-specific article bonus, so I hope you enjoy over the weekend!