There is a profound subtlety to creating a journey of freedom. It's obvious and elusive at the same time. I've found it's accessed most easily by feeling it rather than identifying it with understanding. So I'll walk you through it... 

With either of your hands, pick up a rock or a pen or sometime small and unlikely to break. Hold that object in your hand. Nothing fancy here, just let it be in your hand. 

Now, close your hand around it. Hold on to it. Feel its physical presence in contact with yours. And then, let it go. 

No, really. Let it go. 

It's free to go, right? Let it go. 

How's that working for you? Is it going? What's it doing? What are you doing? Or not doing?

Right. Now, let's play a little differently. 

"Erase the board" (which means we're going to start over) and hold that rock or pen or whatever it is in your hand again. Close your hand around it, feel it's physicality in contact with yours. Feel that it is outside of you, providing the sensations of its presence. 

Now, totally aware of how it feels to be in contact with this object, stop holding on to it. 

As you stop holding on to it, what happens? What do you feel like doing? 

Does this feel different than "letting go" to you? If yes, notice what feels different. 

Letting go is not the same as not holding on. Letting go still implies a responsibility, a job to do that will produce a particular outcome. When you simply stop holding on, you give the whole Universe the space and opportunity to come in and guide the movement of what's next. 

It's not a pass or fail, letting go or not holding on. It's just a subtlety that is obvious once you are aware of it. You can feel the difference. And feeling this difference begins to open awareness into new levels of clarity and guidance.

Play with it! Even in a room full of people who all want the same thing or different things. Even when there are expectations of a particular outcome. Play with simply not holding on to how it feels in that room. You're going to feel it...just don't hold on to it. Let the mind explore the sensations in the body when your priority is this awareness rather than any outcome. And watch how the outcomes begin to take care of themselves with grace.