Subversive Nature of Kindness
Thor and Court started this podcast as new friends, remain new friends, and are getting more familiarly acquainted through the project. When Court realized a podcast is also a great reason to hang more regularly, Thor told her, "Yeah, it's like being in a band. Three reasons to be in a band: (1.) it's fun to hang with the people you play with, (2.) it's really great music, (3.) you get paid good money." Well, they've got two out of three going for them.

Here's a link to an article that Thor wrote before the two met. In it, he talks about the subversive nature of kindness, emotional impacts of capitalism, and much to Court's pleasure acknowledges that "there is nothing more boring than the company of a bunch of straight guys who are incapable of accessing their feelings."

Find "Yammer of Thor: How to Be Kind" published on Talkhouse here.