Thanks to everyone who joined us for UrbanJungle's very first production meeting.  Everyone had some great input and we are already getting started on some major goals.  Some of the most important are as follows:

-We're going on the Road! Within the next month we are planning on hitting the road and heading south to Florida and a few other possible major cities. One of our objectives has been to become more independent of the "industry" and bring it back to the enthusiasts and hobbyists who are  driven by the love of animals instead of the almight dollar.  We plan on doing this by creating fun community events that will also give back to conservation or local herp societies. More to be announced...

-UJR interviews are going to take on a new dimension.  We all know people who are in the animal field but that's mostly through thier social media presence or more professional achievments.  We want to revist the "human" side of these people and show you a side of them you never knew.  We discussed some fun and creative ways of doing this and will refine it as time goes on.

-UJR is getting a new space! We're working towards obtaining a new studio location that will be accessable to more guests and possibly even a studio audience, or at least a priveledged entourage!  I'll have more details on this soon but thanks to your help as a patron we're gonna make it happen.  One of our major goals for 2017 is to  upgrade our studio and equipment and I'm happy to say we are pushing towards this as I type!!

I'd like to take this moment to thank you for being patrons and encourage you to help us make these ideas a reality.  We want to bring it back to a community level and have a hell of a lot of fun in the process, we can't do it without your support so thank you so much!  And if you aren't a supporter yet, get on that shit!!

Thanks for being the ultimate Jungle Junkies!