Success! Exito!
Wow, isn't it incredible how when you envision things, they can truly come to pass?

Last September, I created my first Patreon post, as well as my profile. I sadly did not keep up with it, but some of the things I've been working towards since that day have truly come to pass, the most timely of which is that I've been accepted as an ensemble member of the Taco Truck Theater/Teatro Sin Fronteras.

What is the Taco Truck Theater, you may ask. The Taco Truck Theater is an immersive performance art experience that will take you on journeys across borders both real and constructed through the landscape of contemporary anti-immigrant hysteria, and we propose to touch your soul with stories brought to life with music, movement, and language in order to create a space where we can all exist in a co-creative world without borders. 

If we can imagine it, we can do it. 

I will be creating my own content for the Taco Truck Theatre/Teatro Sin Fronteras, and having the support of the art-loving community would help me to accomplish this to my fullest ability.

As I start creating, I can share some snippets of what I write with my patrons.

Taco Truck Theatre debuts on March, for a total of 3 performances on March 10th, 11th, and 12th.

As a single parent creator, I can really use my time and energy being freed up so I can give my creativity and performance my best.

Please help to support this very needed artivism today! 

I will be adding photos of our recent All-Star Benefit Concert, in which we were able to bring the local community's attention to our upcoming performances.

I'll be posting more about the Taco Truck Theatre - who, what, where, why, and when.

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