Suck my Blood
Description of what REALLY was happening can be found on the YT video page.
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Any and all Patrons get their names or aliases listed on my photography page and in the ending sequence of most videos, as well as access to Patrons-only content, which could be anything from on-the-fly photos to the ridiculous antics of my friends caught on camera.
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Patrons going above and beyond the lower single digits get to request a video topic that I'll put something together on, whether be it wanting my thoughts on something or wanting me to go full-on into a natural resources or medical topic.

It'll be once every so-often, not like a one-time-only thing, just not every week or every month.
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Feel free to use me at this point.
Making a video yourself where medical or resource depletion topic is brought up? I'll record an explanation of the subject for you to use.

Need a mining slave on your minecraft server? Tell me what you want, and I'll dig it up (for a limited number of hours).

Need a moderator for your stream chat?
Need a pair of semi-critical eyes to look over something?

If I CAN do it for you, I will (obviously within limits)
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