Sudden idea conclusions

The illustrations were finished yesterday, here you have a photo of them framed. 

I took lots of photos, but the main problem was the light, all of them look like pretty dark and even retouching them with GIMP the colours aren't how I want them to be... What a battle, Marta vs Camera.

But this is not going to end like this because I'm going to look for tutorials and tomorrow I'll take my revenge and take a proper photo once and for all. In the other hand, my sister told me she quite liked the photo I posted on Tumblr, so maybe it's just me (?). Check that link, I also posted a gif of the process. And once I got the proper photos, them I'll upload them on DA and on Tumblr. BTW I also posted an extra photo on Carbonmade, here you have the link.

So... It's time for thinking about it.

I really enjoyed it, and I think I can do something pretty awesome with this technique (insert evil laugh here), but I still have to work about it.

So, in one hand I'll keep ilustrating THE LAST QUEST just as I planned to do it, but in other hand, I'm going to sketch a short story and do it this way and try to innovate myself and include other materials, um. And I have ideas already. Man, my mind just doesn't stop it, even if I was all afternoon and evening playing Sonic Adventure 2... It will be a short story, no more than 12 pages, I hope, and the main character will be a unicorn. Yes you read it. A unicorn. Be prepared.

And that's it. Next week I'll resume my schedule: WINTER NIGHT II until pg 90 and THE LONGEST NIGHT scene 1, even if I still don't know if I'll post them for the moment, And next Black Wood Story, just like every week. Aaaand I'll start to work on this story about unicorns, maybe, and more sketches because I had an awesome idea for a fanart battle illustration I wanted to draw looooong time ago and I feel the time has come -here a musical tip for you-, and I may be working on it next week.

Oh, that's too much, but who knows. I better get starting.

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