Sudoku Zenkai - Achievements and Leaderboards!
Hi guys!

Today we finally finished one of the big features we wanted to implement, achievements and leaderboards!

At first it may seam something easy to do, but since the game will run practically everywhere we need to implement and adjust the achievements and leaderboards to all those platforms (android, ios, windows and steam).

The other reason why it took awhile was because we made the integrations and wrapped it all up into components that we can reuse on future games (*cof* Super Bunny *cof*).

The game has 57 achievements and 15 leaderboards (WATTT?!) integrated on iOS, Android and Steam! We didn't bother to do it on windows since there is no way that an indie game can have achievements.

What do you guys think? (At least 57 < 142 XDDD)