Suga, oh honey honey!
Crap, it's funny but I took more time to do one digital illustration than one traditional ... It's sad no? It's surely because when I'm working on tablet I took more time to correct somes points of my drawing... But one thing plus one thing plus one thingh equal wasted time ...

I imagining a lot Daichi sing this song to Koushi... But not only Daichi, all the members of karasuno's team... Even the other team... All people in Haikyuu and even in real life surely want to sing this song to suga because it's to tempting to trool Suga... 

Pour your sugar on me, honey
Pour your sugar on me, baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Okay am I the only one to see scabrous meaning here? I let you imagine well the image...)