"Sugarplum" The Unicorn
 Happy Holidays Terratoffians!

It's officially December and it's time to celebrate! The first to our magical "Christmas in Terratoff" Party is "Sugarplum" the unicorn. Can you guess what Christmas Story inspired her?

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     Terratoff is a paranormal fairy tale world, filled with magical creatures and enchanted customs. 

    There are tales of a hidden forest, a magical place where a celebration like no other occurs just once a year when the first snow falls.
The unicorns gather to feast on candied fruits and dance in the snow. The leader of this celebration is known as "The Sugarplum Unicorn", she wears a crown of plums and winter greens around her neck, and begins the celebration with a traditional festival dance under the stars.

      Although the night may be dark, the forest is dotted with sparkling lights glowing from hundreds of unicorns horns, lighting up with joy for the dance of "Sugarplum".