Suggest-a-Sketch - January #3 - Rubje
"Jacind Ardeana (or maybe one of the other elders, back when he was Kantreska) telling A campfire story to some younglings. With an almost ghostly image of a Tekk in the clouds spreading it's wings ready to pounce, hanging over them. It's not about any of the characters in particular. It's all about the awesome image itself. This little group of kids safely huddled around a campfire with a single elder in the middle having this image of a great powerful being hanging over them."

I went with Vendess for the elder. He's always been the one with a flair for the dramatic, after all. ;)

This one took me a while. It's a bit of a complex idea, but I like the result as a sketch. I messed with the composition a bit and went a bit rougher with the pencils this time because the effect seemed right on: smokey and spooky.

And that's all of them for this month! I'll open a new post for February tomorrow (I'm actually a bit too tired to be eloquent tonight, but I at least wanted to get this posted before January's end). Curious to see what you guys'll have for drawing ideas for me next month. ;D

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