Suggest a sketch/pairing
I am still shocked by the number of you who donated $10 or more over the past while and wanted to thank you. There isn't much I can do, but I thought i'd try something a little different. 

I'm not good at doing full commissions because they tend to make me feel even more stressed then usual due to feeling I need to do exactly what the person wants. But I'm alright with suggestions. The difference being is that you basically get to decide what I do for random sketches and such and I'll either do quick portraits or something more detailed depending on my time and mood. 

Basic rules

  • Mostly female characters (male character will probably end up looking female in the end...)
  • Yuri (of course)
  • Give the names of the characters you wish with a link to them so I know I've got the right one. 
  • If one of my characters just mention the series and names.
  • If it is your own OCs, yes I'll try to do someone's OCs, provide reference so I know what i'm drawing
  • Don't expect me to fix things if you don't like what I end up drawing. This is just for my $10 rewards after all.
  • Here is an Example

This was suggested during a live stream. All Kyouko asked for was Aoba from New Game. I drew her as I felt and she suggested the flower petals and making the logo look like a leaf falling. Took a total of 2 hours to finish. So quick and simple.

Thank you again for all your support. I hope to continue to create more of what you enjoy.