suggesting dopt themes
 So ... I may's well just toss this out there ...

*** yes, i do welcome suggestions on adoptables themes

*** no, i don't tackle every one of them

While the latter is mostly due to time constraints, there are some other reasons where I simply won't go after a suggestion.  And, mind you, I honestly haven't had any TERRIBLE suggestions that weren't flat out jokes (I've even tackled some of those as a challenge).  The reason I won't go after them is usually due to business reasons.


If you want to have fun and contribute some suggestions?  here's a little behind-the-curtains things that'll make me consider them more ...


  • * if you come up with a suggestion that i haven't touched at all, moreso hadn't even considered.  The clown dopts was one such dare.
  • * It makes me laugh (look through my happenstance stuff and read the stories to get a sense of my humor)
  • * Sets that challenge me on a STORY-TELLING level.   ... note: boobs are not story telling, nor is sexy.  On the contrary: combining caring motherly tropes with yandere is a challenge.
  • * Suggesting a literature/media genre I haven't touched yet.  That's a worthy challenge I'll very likely accept.
  • * Likewise, just other things I haven't done yet.  I know I haven't done a full set of flight attendants, for example.


  • * "Do that set you just ran, but with this!" ... this ties into repeat themes.  I don't like to launch a set with a theme VERY similar to a prior one, unless the prior one near-sold out.  And that's simply due to demand.  If set A didn't sell at all, launching set A' will have very similar results.  And, unfortunately I have to let finances dictate this venture to an extent.  I mean, you can suggest variations on a set ... but odds of me running with it are super slim due to the above reasons.
  • * Mechs.  Unfortunately, mechs are really complicated to draw, more time = more money.  :c  I'd have to charge more for that set, and usually it doesn't work out that well when i raise the price.  I've been asked this a few times, so I do apologize.
  • * Stuff that's on my no-go list (like porn or whatever).  should go without saying, but i feel like i should say it anyway
  • * "Make Halo Spartans!" ... or some other fandom.  Personal moral compass, that's a bit too close to copyright infringement for me to feel comfortable, and there isn't a social norm precedence like there is in fan made print works.  
    • - There is ONE exception I can think of, which is Ponys ... but that's, again, due to precedent and so on and so forth.  (as an aside, i'm a little unsure about doing a pony set.  it's been weighed off an on, tho).  
    • - corollary exception to this is making a set off a genre that something inspired or revitalized.  Star Wars basically created Science Fantasy and a few other stories have launched off this.  That Space Saga set was me riffing off those subsequent sub-genre tropes that Star Wars inspired.

Anyhoo, that's a bit into my thought process.  If you want to toss some suggestions out, feel free.