Suggestion Pool Details
If you're considering donating, you may have noticed that entry to a 'monthly suggestion pool' listed as a reward. But what the heck is that??? Well, let me explain!

To put it simply, the monthly suggestion pools will be posts (one for each tier per month) which you can comment on with a suggestion for what I should draw! It could be anything you want! Though, I do prefer canon characters over OCs, but simple OCs are completely allowed! For rough guidelines of what I will and won't draw, check here! If you have any questions, just ask! I don't bite!

The way I plan to have these work, is I will make a post for each tier's suggestion pool that you guys can comment on. Then, anyone who is in that tier or higher can choose which type they'd like, and comment what they'd like to see drawn!

  • So, for example... Let's say you're a tier 3 patron! You want me to draw your favorite Pokemon, Garbodor. So, you wait until I put up the suggestion pool posts, and in the meantime, you think about what TYPE of drawing you want. Being part of the 3rd tier, you get to pick between the three suggestion pools you have access to (tier 1, 2, and 3, in your case). Hm... A quick doodle? Lineart? Or flat-color?? It's so hard to decide!

  • Being the smart-shopper you are, you opt to join the tier 3 suggestion pool! So, you comment on the appropriate post with a short comment that says, "I'd like to suggest you draw a Garbodor, please!"

  • To be fair to as many people as I can, I'll wait one month from postingbefore closing that suggestion pool, and posting a new one. With the comments I have on the one you've commented on, I'll comb through them and create a very professional Notepad document with all of the suggestions numbered from 1 to whatever. Then, I'll hit up, and let it pick out the suggestion for me!

  • Unless I happen to see a few things that I reeeaaally like, then I may pick more than one. But, unless I'm on some kind of emergency hiatus (which I'd let you guys know about, if it occured!!), or if the only suggestion is, like... 'naked santa calling the viewer daddy', I'll always pick at least one!

  • If your Garbodor request is selected (which, OF COURSE IT WOULD!! Best Pokemon.), I'll send you a message and we can work out any details you might want. Though, if you decided to pick the 'doodle' or 'lineart' suggestion pool, you'll have to keep the limits of the medium in mind. It's a little hard to draw a red top-hat when you've only got black lines to work with

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me in a private message!! Thanks for reading over this wall of text! <3!