Sukosan to Split to collect our crew
The very first leg of our journey back to Australia!!!!! We make some more friends (sailors sure are a lovely bunch) and sail with them most of the way to Split. We have more wind while anchored than when we actually need it, but the sailing we do is a lot of fun. We stop in Primosten and have a look around, and do a quick recon mission to Split for a guitar and a haircut. And we finally head off to get our crew.......

This video hasn't quite got the love it deserves due to an ongoing conflict with iMovie- but its an important step in our adventure., so here it is!!

Opening song: A Faint Outline- Place By The Sea
Ryan Delaney- Riot Club
Kate Gilbertson- Swing

We use unsigned Australian music for our videos- because it's what we listen to most of the time we sail, and because we want to support Australian artists and their work.

You can check out their music here:
A Faint Outline:
Ryan Delaney:
Kate Gilbertson:

Thanks to my very talented brother Shannon (S), we now have a website., and Juliette (J) has already written a blog post!

Happy watching!

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