Sullen Speaks: Hopes for Inazuma's Future
Hi-ho, everyone! Welcome to my new (unofficial?) podcast, Sullen Speaks! While this isn't actually the first one of these I did, this is the more, um, optimistic of the ones I have available.

I was working on a different topic for this week, but because of recent events, I suddenly had the idea to do this instead.

Take note that this is just my opinion, stating what I personally want in a potential IE game. You’re more than welcome to disagree, as long as you don’t raise a big ol’ stink about it. Also, many apologies for forgetting to mention you, Canada.

This week’s topic covers:

  • The rumor surrounding Hino’s tweet
  • Personal wishes for new game:
  • New protagonist, preferably a defender or forward
  • Each installment be a standalone story with interconnected continuity (3rd-year protag passes captain position onto 2nd-year, who goes on to graduate and pass on banner to 1st/2nd-year protag for next game, etc)
  • More focus on minor/supporting characters, especially ones with potential (MAAAAAAX)
  • Appearances from IE/Go characters that DIDN'T participate in FFI
  • Interquel? (covering story within 10-year gap between IE and IEGo)
  • Focus on soccer again (no Fighting Spirits or Souls, upgraded Mixi-Max?)
  • NA release


Intro: “Gera Gera Po Song” from Yo-Kai Watch (english dub)

Outro: “Maji De Kansha” from Inazuma Eleven anime soundtrack

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