Summaries of the three manuscripts I'm working on.
For those who would like to know what I'm writing before supporting the Patreon:

Dandy Lion is about a black trans teen girl named Ariel whose best friend commits a school shooting. Not only does Ariel have to deal with her losses in the aftermath, she must also confront those confused by the motives behind Jake's crime, including herself. 

The Incubators is the story of three poor immigrant girls -- Anna, Clara, and Serafina -- working at the Triangle Shirtwaist garment factory in New York City in the early 20th century. The three girls find themselves at an impasse when a massive labor strike occurs in the city, and struggle to move forward toward an inevitable historical tragedy.

The Grand Prize Winner is about Davis Street, the very first winner of a game show where the grand prize isn't a car or a cash reward, but the magical abilities of your choice. Davis went missing three weeks ago, but now he's back, and not even he knows where he was during his time away. Who took Davis, and are they coming back to steal him away once again?

Thanks, guys! I hope you'll think about supporting the Patreon, and remember - all you have to do is toss a buck into the pot and you can have access to the chapters as I finish the first drafts! 

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