Summer 2017 Anime Watch List
Right, so I've barely started watching any of the shows but after first episode tests I've kind of put together a watch list. This is most likely going to change a lot as I watch the next two or three episodes of shows.

What I'll be reviewing:

Monday: My Hero Academia, Katsugeki Touken Ranbu and Chrono Ruler (though that last one is likely going to be dropped pretty quick).

Tuesday: Vatican Miracle Examiner.

Wednesday: Knights and Magic and Clean Freak Aoyama-kun (unlikely to last long)  

Thursday: Elegant Yokai Apartment Life and Fastest Finger First.

Friday: Princess Principal and Gamers.

Saturday: In Another World With My Smart Phone and Sagrada Rest.

Sunday: Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight and 18if.

My usual In Case You Missed it Posts will continue on Mondays, Tuesday will have my Top 5 and hopefully a book or game review (some weeks at least), Wednesday will have an anime series review, Thrusday should have a movie review, Friday will have a feature, Saturday should have another anime series review, and Sunday will have my weekly overview of what I've been watching.

I will also be watching Classroom of the Elite and Netsuzou Trap though I won't be doing weekly reviews unless I drop a lot of other shows. If I make it through the whole season of these I will do a whole series review at the end.

And that's it for my tentative schedule for the season. I will see how long these shows last. If I drop a lot this season I've got about six shows from previous seasons that I didn't keep up with that I should go back and watch so I will have plenty to review regardless.

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