Summer Drabble #1: How To Say Goodbye
How did Atem say goodbye to Kaiba before he left for the afterlife, manga verse preferred

~ requested by Rikudera


Atem’s fingers rest on his deck as he watches the dark waters of the Nile.

It happened so fast, in the end. Too fast to pay a final visit to Seto. His last moments with him were making promises to continue their road of battle.

Broken promises.

His deck unchanged, Atem instead spends his time alone choosing five cards. Sealed in an envelope, addressed “Seto Kaiba”, tucked in Yugi’s bag to be found. After.

I’m not Yugi. 

I wish for more time. 

I would show you my heart, you would show me yours. 

I have no choice. 

Continue, stronger, after.

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