Summer Drabble #2: Come For A Walk
Yami convinces Seto to go for a romantic walk in the autumn leaves. Maybe in a park near KC HQ. Maybe with hot chocolate. 

~requested by #irlbff k-for-days

“This is usually a productive time of day for me,” Kaiba calls, long legs striding through the piles of autumnal leaves.

Yami laughs, hurrying towards him, two takeaway cups in his hands, scarf trailing like a cloak. They meet, Seto grabs his scarf to pull Yami close and Yami stretches up on his toes to kiss him, lips hot and nose cold. Seto ties the scarf firmly, warmly, around Yami’s throat.

“Coffee,” Yami grins almost mischievously, offering the bigger cup, “and cinnamon hot chocolate for me.”

Kaiba grunts his thanks and takes a sip. His eyebrow raises.

“Pumpkin fucking spice?”

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