Summer Fanart Showcase!

Let's celebrate Cross's third anniversary! I would like to show off your fan art!

All you need to do is just draw something up, and it can be anything! Comic, doodle, coloured or not, what have you!

I would like to post everything the week of the anniversary (June 25th) and hopefully keep up a nice little batch of them that week.

I'm giving everyone a very early heads up as we only got two entries for the last event. So hopefully there will be more this time!

I would also like everything to be a surprise for everyone else. So if you wouldn't mind, anything you make, please do not post it until after the event is over. Just send it to the comic's email: [email protected]

Please keep everything PG-13 at most!

You may also submit multiple entries if you feel inspired!


More info at the event page:

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