Summer Grilling
It can get pretty hot and humid in the city of Toronto.  Spring had a cool wet start but now the humidity is here with a bit of a vengeance.  I decided to try grilling as much as possible instead of using my oven and stove this summer season.  I like to mix things up, routines, recipes, try new things....I get bored easily.  I was inspired by a friend of mine who is renovating an old home and living without a stove...she has found ways to BBQ almost anything.  So, I figured I could give it a shot.  Tonight I grilled pork tenderloin, seasoned with some steak spice and olive oil.  I cook my pork until my meat thermometer reads 145 degrees.  Pork tenderloin should still be a slight pink in the middle to ensure moisture and flavour.  For the vegetables, I created a tin foil pouch with cauliflower, peppers, onions and mushrooms, a little olive oil, fresh lime juice, salt, pepper and herb de provence seasoning.  The foil pack and the pork all went on a medium high grill at the same time and cooked about 18 minutes. Let's see how many ways I can use the BBQ and not the stove....should be fun.  

Today I rode my bike back and forth to work.  I downloaded a new app that we have in Toronto, BIKO - it gives me points based on the distance I travel on my bike.  I can redeem them for Starbucks drinks or beer in the distillery, given I can't drink beer anymore, it will be Starbucks.  I love their unsweetened black ice tea this time of year, with loads of ice and one packet of Splenda.  

Happy Monday all - hope you had a healthy eating day!