Just a heads up-

it seems the best method for 'pausing' this Patreon while I'm away is to switch to a per update pledge system. So as soon as this month's pledges are processed I will do that, and none of you will be charged next month, since I won't be uploading anything for July. 

As soon as I'm back, I'll switch back to the monthly system. 

The hiatus will last from now until 26th August, BUT I intend to upload the first page of Chapter Two here around a week earlier than the main site, so the hiatus will probably end around 19th August for Patrons. (This is if everything goes according to plan, and I haven't hideously underestimated the amount of work to do...haha).

I realise half of August will be missing, so if any of you want to cancel your pledges during that time I totally understand- I'll do my best to add some extra stuff to make up for the lack of comic pages in the first half of August, but I can't really make any promises. There is TONS of work to do for planning the Kickstarter and just sorting Chapter Two in general, but if I do get time to make some extra content I'll be sure to post it here first. 

In all honesty, I feel bad having to take time off and pause things here at all, but...life and stuff. I am SO grateful to you all for supporting the production of this comic and helping me to complete the first Volume. You're all going in the credits. 

THANK YOU x 10000. <3 

Have a great summer!