🌻 Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge 2019 Prompts! 🌻

Hi everybody!

We are inviting you to join the #SummerKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019 being hosted by Pamela and Dominique. Thank you so much girls for initiating and coming up with these creative prompts~!

Here are the fun prompts:

Please don't forget to tag @MissMiakaChan and @scarletphotography21 so they can share through their instagram. I will be checking the hashtag (#SummerKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019) from time to time too so I could share with my accounts (personal and shop).

Feel free to join Kawaii Journaling FB group to gain inspiration / share inspiration hehe ~ 

Thanks all!

I'm looking forward to do this challenge with you~



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