Summer news: teaching job application, savings, thank you
Dear Patreons, dear friends,

I apologize that I don't write so often here.
Since I try to answer all the comments below the videos, for the time being, I don't write much here.

But of course I value your support a lot.

I bought the Gimbal smooth Q. At first I thought I might have made a mistake. But now I understand how to use it with very little engine noise: I just have to turn on the wind mode on gopro 5.
I will post videos with the gimbal + gopro 5 and you can tell me how you feel about it. :-)

These days I am gathering all the paperwok to teach at the university next year. I might have to go back to France if all goes well to issue a new visa.
I would be glad if this works out, as it would mean extra income and savings.

I understand that living in China, you have to be very careful with saving money: how much? how to save?... I will discuss this in a video.

I think many foreigners in China face this issue: wrong investment, no savings, money blocked in China, relying on your Chinese wife/husband, visa issues...

I hope that you are all doing well.

Take good care everyone +++