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Hey, pals!

This title image is a map of the Smokies that I drew up in the last couple of days of my residency, inspired by looking at original land surveying blueprints of the area with the park's archivist. Over the next couple weeks, I'm planning on replicating the historic blueprint process with the contemporary skills and tools I have access to now. I have never done something like this before, so I'm stoked to try it out.

Meanwhile, I've got a lot more work ahead of me! All my film is developed, and I've started scanning and posting a few selections here. I'm guessing I won't be ready to offer prints from this until sometime late September; I'll mail out some postcards from my work prints, though!

Speaking of prints! I am hella delayed!!! My paper's backordered, so custom print rewards from the previous funding period are on hold until that gets in. I was planning on running this new batch of print requests off that paper, too, so fingers crossed that I'll get it in hand soon. It's a really low-production specialty paper, so it looks like it's just a lot harder to get than I'd originally thought :<

MOVING FORWARD, this is my last planned Patreon project at the moment. I'll continue to post some updates here while I'm working through my photos, but I don't anticipate another Smokies-related funding run for a while. After you get a charge confirmation from Patreon, feel free to drop your pledge down to the $1 tier to keep having access to updates, or cancel entirely, no hard feelings! If I spin up another funding project in the future, I'll post here to give y'all the low-down.

I've been overwhelmed lately with all the stuff going on in the world and thinking about, amongst other things, resource distribution and effective actions; it's grounding and humbling to get such positive affirmations from friends that I should keep prioritizing going out into the world and coming back with beautiful things. Thank you all for believing in me and pushing me to grow and work hard <3

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July 1st–August 29th, 2017; Summer Post-Process
Pledge Collection Date: August 30th

This funding period will support me as I go through all the work I made at  my residency; since I plan on shooting exclusively in film, I'll spend a lot of time in the lab to develop, evaluate, and edit photographs. It's sometimes a lonely process, so I'm grateful for any extra eyes, input, and general company!

 Reward Specials:

  • MAIL SUBSCRIPTION will get postcards made from cut-up spare contact sheets from film I shot during my residency
  • PRINT GRAB BAG will get something nice from my work print process while I figure out what to do with all these photos, to be shipped in September
  • PRINT REQUEST gets to request one print up to 24"x24" from work I produced during the residency, to be shipped in September
  • AT YOUR SERVICE option A currently TBA (drop me a line if you're interested); option B gets my consultation and production of a custom 44" print from any work produced during this residency if my funding goals reach $500, to be shipped in September

Goal Specials:  

  • BARE MY SOUL: I'll scan and post select excerpt from the journal I'll keep during the residency
  • PARTY AT MY HOUSE: I'll livestream some of my processing sessions, which might just be hours and hours of listening to podcasts while removing scanner dust in Photoshop, or a live video of me developing prints in the dark