Summer Solstice Update
Original digital artwork created for the Summer Solstice, titled "Pathways of the Sun" hope you enjoy.


Health - Still vomiting every 2 weeks unconnected to diet/period/anything... maybe the neighbours are cooking drugs every 2 weeks?

Dental - Zero progress, found out that dental fund *would* count as income against housing. If I fix the problem via fundraising I'll be homeless and dead, and if I don't fix the problem I'll be dead when the infections get to my heart. Yay gov regulations! Woohoo!

The only solution would be to be making $2000+ a month, while too sick to hold down even a PT job. Or raise enough/win the lottery to also buy an RV or make a van conversion so I'm not homeless just for fixing my health.

(My friend tells me to move to Bhutan. I'd still need to make $600 a month there, though. So I guess $600/month from Patreon angels would be freedom. It's a long way away.)

Wingspell - demo progress is very good. Tweaking the mixing of backing tracks prior to recording vocals as soon as my voice recovers from the vomiting. The cover song is especially going well and most people are liking the sound overall. (Just some suggested tweaks but the FEEL is there!)

Achieved crossover on Twitter, hopefully that will improve even more with the new demos actually being GOOD. Soon. SOON. SOOOOON(tm).

Kirrivath - the split into it's own entity on social media isn't really going well because most people who follow me didn't also follow it. But that gives me a sense of who follows me for my personality and who follows the music for the music.

Looking for true fans not just followers is easier when you're more niche and specific. So it's expected. I like what I'm doing with the instagram account though, it's very peaceful and graceful. Worth separating.

Chagall Sierra - people keep taking photos and videos of me busking then not posting them. (At least not that I can find.) Hopefully it's not that my teeth make the media too ugly to post. I need to make a TTCMusic sign.

Thanks to Caroline for posting some videos! Super appreciated.

Paperbag Empress Records - still need a midi controller with knobs and faders and pads and stuff. Still need basic studio monitors. Still need to trade my Epiphone for a nylon string or ukulele.

Learning much more about mixing lately and it's going well. Received Audulus 3 as a code and it's a super awesome synth! Need to write more articles.

Blanket Fort Studio - Audio tests went well. Cleaning up the livingroom and making a performance space not going well. Having trouble keeping up with cooking and cleaning much less organizing and prettifying.

Music & Arts Education Programs - Still on hold.

Well, that's the progress report!