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Summer Soul-stice
Hola Amigos!

Kevin here, reporting from Buenos Aires. La Volonté is in Paris communing with the spirits of Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison, while I wander the streets of Buenos Aires exploring the wisdom of the tango embrace. We meet via skype for three hours every afternoon to work on new songs for the Balkanska Project, our collaboration with the Serbian singer-songwriter Sasa Dragic. I cannot wait to share these new songs with you because they are full of exotic magic. So far, there exists just one recording, a duet between María and Sasa, sung half in Spanish and half in Serbo-Croatian -- but I've been sworn to secrecy. All I can tell you is that I listened to that song again the other day (after a year!) and my entire body was overcome with goosebumps. (More news to come.)

For me, these summer months in Buenos Aires when I'm not touring are a period of intense soul-searching and experimentation. I "allow" myself to collapse mentally. Only through dance do I revive.  My doctor put me on a strict routine of daily tango and/or contact improvisation. It seems to be doing the trick.

Last year's North America tour was a kick-in-the-pants reminder of just how much we love (and need to tour). It awakens something in us that has to be set free. As a result, we plan to expand the next tour to include the East Coast this time and Eastern Canada too.

You can help us. I am booking shows for this year's tour. Help us spread the word among people who would be interested in hosting concerts be they big or small. From house concerts to universities, to workshops and theaters, we've got the music and we want to share it. Got some ideas? Let's talk.

This month's video is a special moment from the 2015 tour. Shot at The Sapphire Room in Boise, Idaho, it was another one of those concerts that almost didn't happen... but did and with incredible results.


Kevin & María

PS: $3+ patrons will be getting a link from us to download a super-special version of Angelito del Campo that we recorded in SF with dobro genius Jeff Magidson and which isn't available on any album. Stay tuned to your inbox!