So, it turned out I worked too hard in the beginning of the summer and my back didn't like that. So these last two months has been a bit of a struggle pain wise. Hopefully it will be better in the end!

Anyway, here is an update on what's going on at the moment. In June I got a phone call from a local gallerist here in Umeå. It resulted in me having a solo exhibition at the gallery in October 2018. It will be an exhibition with still life paintings - more specifications will be worked out during the fall. Super excited about that! So I'm illustrating this post with two still life paintings done during this summer: titles to be decided. 

In July I held my first ever oil painting workshop - also on the still life theme. I had four days with five students, who had never touched oil paint before, and they did amazing things. If you visit my facebook or instagram page you can see the results there. The first day we started with a brownish underpainting, sketching in the forms and the shadows of the image. I find this very helpful, it always gives me a secure ground when I start this way.

Every still life contained two different things in different colours plus a background colour. The second day we started with mixing three different values for every colour in the still life - one light, one dark and one middle tone - before starting to paint. The third day we started with fixing the values in the whole picture, and the last day we also went into some details. 

This was a very fun experience, and I will do again if I have the chance.

Since then I have been busy with my work at the library, but coming up in August is a work trip to Finland with some children's book makers - and the plan is to take up an old picture book project during my week there. And I also have a small landscape pantings exhibition at a summer café.

And you know what - is has been another year with all of you here on Patreon, so gifts are soon to be handed out! I am just a little behind with the print and the postcards - but be sure they will be done soon!

Until then - wishing you a happy summer!