Summer’s Clothes
 All right, let’s talk about Summer’s clothes. 

This is a little less, um, exciting than either of her older siblings (Autumna and Winter); most of what Summer wears is pretty utilitarian. 

She’s in college - Summer is based off of my memories of my first 2 years of college, so, like me, she’s a theater techie at a medium-sized state college.  She probably does some work ON stage as well and, while I haven’t decided what her major is, she does some work in art, maybe a minor (She does like her big sister, after all). 

Summer’s clothing consists of jeans or jean/khaki shorts, Keds or sandals, and graphic t-shirts of the fitted girly variety, with baggy sweaters over them in the cold of winter.  Her main hairstyle consists of pulling her long blonde hair into a low ponytail. 

(Source 1, Source 2 (sorry for the caption))

Most of what she owns is paint-splattered, except her “good jeans."


And yes, sometimes she claims Winter’s old dress shirts.