The Sun Coming Up Over Troubled Waters
Sorry there was no blog last month, I had a move and during the chaos of it I did not have internet. So I will making it up this month with both this blog and a separate blog to my lovely Paetrons.  

I had some great interviews last month, I had a great time, I interviewed, Miss Fisher actor;  Travis McMahon about the Miss Fisher and the Miss Fisher Con and of course all his amazing work as an actor!  Also Xena and Star Trek director TJ Scott about how excited he was to direct the newest Star Trek and his new up coming projects! And it was great fun chatting with knowledgeable and fascinating photographers about their jobs and what inspires them.

This month I already chatted with author and playwright about her newest novel and radio play for Sherri's Playhouse.  Its all about Egypt and promises that you should always keep. The radio play should come on around Christmas, see what you get to look forward to?

Next week we get to speak to the multi-talented Chris Lemmon!  I can't wait he is going to teach a class about Classic Hollywood based on his book about his dad, the legendary Jack Lemon!

There are more exciting shows coming your way.  Please share on your pages and if you can, support Chatting With Sherri and Sherri's Playhouse!