Sun-Cutter #1 cover in progress
I think I've mentioned this before, but my general plan is to break Sun-Cutter into manageably-sized individual issues/chapters (around 60-70 pages each) and release them as color print books. I'm doing that in part because it gives me an extra thing to offer as a donation incentive, but also because the cost of color is prohibitive on something the size of Hunter's Moon while being comparatively reasonable on a 72-page book.

Anyway, so what this means is that I'm working on the cover for SC #1, which will be the first 70 pages of the comic. I'm going to Senshi-Con in Anchorage at the end of September and I would like to deploy the books there. This time I decided to do a painted cover (on actual canvas!) for the first time ever. This may be a terrible mistake.

This is a cover sketch that I did some time back - I may have put this up here before, but this is what it's going to look like.