Here's a free widescreen wallpaper for you. I hope you enjoy it, and remember to  greet every day with open arms.


V4 is still gorgeous. She converts easily and wonderfully to Iray. (After working with V3 for a while, V4 is a dream to work with!)

There are so many products available for her, often for pennies. There are also some beautiful characters still being made for her at other stores. Some even come with Iray and Superfly shaders. The versatility of Generation 4 is still amazing after a decade. Finding the content can be a pain in the rear, but rendering it- what a delight. 

Recently I picked up a bunch of Maddelirium characters on sale, including this one- Sakkara for V4 . She comes with all kinds of options and makeups. Normally I use Anagenesis shaders, but for some reason they made her eyes look weird, even with manual application. So I went with V3D Digitimes Iray shaders .

The dress and hair are SAV's DragonLady . These gorgeous textures are from Renapd. Designed for Poser but they look great in Iray. I added Uber shaders and upped the metallicitya bit. I did about .50 for areas with gold and .25 for the rest to make the fabric a little shiny.

The set is Top of the World  by Bitwelder. I added Uber and set emission to 50k with a peach color to match the sky. Painter's Lights  were used to help light the scene inside the skydome. The backdrop renders a bit pixelated, but a DOF or some postwork take care of that issue easily.