The Sun Sets (Partially) for Fiasconauts and Rises on Fast & Loose

Hey everyone!  

Ian here with some sorta sad news and some fun news! I’m writing to let you know that we will be moving Fiasconauts off of a monthly rotation and onto a more occasional special event sort of thing.  The show hasn't been getting enough views to justify keeping it on a regular schedule, but we do enjoy it and I’m sure we’ll still stumble into a Fiasco now and again.

I know this will come as sad news to some of you, but Fiasconauts won’t be gone forever, we’ll kinda just do it when we feel inspired to do it, and have the time.

Ok but what’s the good news?

In an effort to increase the value for our patrons we will be re-introducing The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show as a monthly Patreon exclusive!  And, (flying in the face of everything the show stands for) our patrons will get to ask questions at the $5 and up tiers that will be chosen at random without reading them beforehand for a section of the show that I haven’t come up with a name for yet (and probably won’t.)  So if you like wackadoo off-topic shenanigans with the allies and sometimes guests then this will be the show for youuuuu!  It’ll go up for Patrons at the end of each month and remain just for Patrons forevvverrrrrrr!  I hope you like it. 



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