Sun Soaked Updates

Hey folks,hope up are all busy enjoying the sun.  

We put up the two features on Apollo House from the print edition this week. One looked at the Irish Housing Network and the other was a reflection from volunteers that worked in Apollo.

We also got this piece looking at the booming language teaching industry that remains largely unregulated with scumbag employer tactics like zero hours and bull shit “self-employment” scams leaving teachers in a rather precarious lurch.  

For the art lovers,  there's this interview with Joy Gerrard - an Irish artist based in London. Her recent work depicts protests in cities, expressionistic crowds spilling and surging within static architectural frames.  

Also from #rabble13 is Sean Finnan's look at "Leprechaun economics" and takess us through whether any of it is actually sustainable and asks what lies at the end of the FDI rainbow? Mice Hell's illustration of Micheal Noonan, the Minister for Constipation is sure to make ya chuckle...

Another reader sent us in this cartoon that looks at Coveney's legacy in housing too.

If anyone is down at Body and Soul there'l be copies of #rabble13 at the Speakers Corner as well..

We are planning a summer party soon so more deets to come on that...

Keep her lit,

rabble crew



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