Sundance: A Few Minutes

Team F.A.A

After quickly checking behind the bar, and determining Miiko was not there, the first group made their way up the back stairs.

“It looks like there is a little bit of blood here.” Amanda said, pointing her phone flashlight to the top step.  Fox and Alex nodded in agreement. 

“I don’t see any more though.” Alex looked around.

“Well he could only have gone up to the office or into the lounge. Let’s check the office first.” Fox turned right and carefully pushed the door open. The group made their way up to the office. There was no one there, except for poor Nick, still reclined in his chair.

“You know, from behind, it looks like he could still be alive.” Alex muttered. 

“Yea, like everything was normal and none of this had happened.” Amanda agreed. Suddenly, they heard loud talking from downstairs. The three looked towards the door.

“Maybe they found someone!” Alex said excitedly. They all exited the depressing room quickly, and once they were out of the office shouted down. 

“What is going on?” 

“I think someone was hiding in the soda room.” Galen said back. 

“Oh! I wonder who it is.” Alex started to move down the stairs but Fox held out an arm to stop her. 

“We should keep looking. Let them handle it.” Amanda nodded. Alex sighed but turned back towards the lounge. 

“Fine.” They moved on, entering the dark lounge. They all cast their flashlights around. 

“Look, his glasses!” Amanda shouted. Miiko’s glasses were indeed on the floor in the middle of the room, between two massive couches. Just as they started to move over to investigate, a shout reverberated through the theater. 


Team J.N.V

JGP leading the way, the group went down the stairs and to the front doors. Nathan tried to open them again half heatedly, but they still would not budge. Valerie limped up to the glass doors and peered out. 

“There is no one there! Not a single person. Where are the cops?” She asked desperately. JGP shook her head and turned her attention to the soda room door. 

With Nathan and Valerie now behind her, JGP cautiously moved forward and slowly opened the door.

“Helloo?” She asked, squinting in the darkness. Nathan held up his phone, filling the small space with light. The tiny room contained on all four walls boxes, brooms, and the pumps that fed the soda syrup up to the machines. 

“There!” Valerie shouted. Behind a stack of boxes, the toe of a shoe was sticking out. 

“Katie? Is that you?” JGP asked excitedly. There was silence for a moment then.


“You idiot! You gave me a heart attack! Have you been down here the entire time?” JGP shouted, moving forward. Katie flattened herself against the wall as JGP rounded the box tower, her eyes wide in terror. JGP froze. “It’s okay Katie, none of us are going to hurt you.” JGP said soothingly. Katie’s eyes darted from JGP to Valerie to Nathan, deciding what to do. Finally, she relaxed and flopped forward into JGP’s arms. 

“I am not made for this. I swear I thought I was just going to drop dead from fear like six times.” She moaned. 

“How long have you been hiding here?” Nathan asked as JGP patted her back consolingly. 

“Since someone charged us with a knife! I have been listening to everything going on but I didn’t want to come out just in case. Better safe than sorry.” She responded, pulling herself off of JGP. “Did I hear right that you guys killed Andrew?”

“We tried to, but he is still alive.” Nathan responded. 


“Because he is the killer.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense!” Before Nathan could start laying out the evidence against Andrew, however, they heard a loud shout from outside the room. 


Team Galen

Galen sat back in his chair, getting comfortable. His phone battery was getting low, very low. If this all didn’t end soon he would be without entertainment. 

Galen did not know if Andrew was the killer or not, and in fact highly suspected that he was not. He was pretty sure he had just watched his coworkers and friends just try to kill another one because of paranoia. He absentmindedly played a game on his phone while he thought about how quickly fear can turn people into animals, killing out of instinct and losing their humanity. But still, Andrew wasn’t dead yet. If Galen was wrong and Andrew was the killer though…well, he doubted Andrew could even walk let alone kill him at this point. 

There was a commotion from the direction of the soda room, he glanced up but couldn’t see much. 

“What is going on?” someone shouted from the lounge. 

“I think someone was hiding in the soda room.” Galen said back. He waited to see if the others would come down to stairs to check it out, but when they did not he went back to his phone. A few moments passed then the broom closet door flew open, sending the chair Fox hat placed there flying. 

“WHAT THE HELL?” Galen yelled, falling backwards off his chair.