Sunday Morning Pics

The light usually more interesting in the mornings and evenings, so I sneak out with a camera to take a few pictures when I can. Yes, I know everyone is (or will be ) tired of seeing squirrel pictures, but they come around for a peanut or two, so they are my unpaid models. I'll try to get a few other plants and animals on here when I can.

Imagine that. Another squirrel picture. 

This is our short-tailed squirrel.  I can't say if he lost it due to injury or if when in the nest from a tangle, but it doesn't seem to slow him down. I like to get images with the light coming through the fur. It  makes an interesting picture and, perhaps, an interesting painting.

The blue jays like to steal peanuts from the squirrels. It's difficult to get a picture of them as they swoop down, grab a nut, then take off for parts unknown. Sometimes, they try to take two peanuts at once. There's always an overachiever in the crowd.

This is our black squirrel. He has a nasty injury on his back. It has been slowly healing over the last year and looks much better than when we first saw him. We were surprised this squirrel made it through the winter, but he's done well. I don't know what caused the injury. It could have been a hawk or fox; both are plentiful here. We also have a girl squirrel who lost an eye. She seems to be doing well, too!

The misty light  of a Sunday morning. It's like a portal to another world.

This is the full-sized image I used at the top of the post. If you want to draw a squirrel face, this is a good one to use!

This is the short-tail (and split ear) squirrel again. Such a a poser...


I'd like to get more chipmunk pictures, but as they scurry about at 7/10 the speed of light I don't always get a chance. Or I get a tail. I lucked out this time.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed them!


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