Sunday Sketches
I knew I wasn't really doing anything creative. And it seemed like there were many things holding me back - time, inspiration, energy, purpose. Then there are things like squeezing out all that paint at the beginning, and cleaning up all those brushes in the end.

With the advent of the iPad pro and Apple pencil with some pretty decent software, one major excuse seemed to be gone. But it took a gradual realization that I still needed a regular commitment to free art making before things began to change.

I didn't even know it would be a series at first. I was just fooling around. But then after two Sundays in a row I realized I was on a roll, and the Sunday Sketches were born. 

And after my first angel, I realized I had discovered subject matter that would give me a lot of room for exploration and a subject matter that combined many of my interests - figuration, symbology, imagination, colouration, spirituality, and freedom. So now you know where this is all coming from, but who knows where it is going…