Sunday Watercolor - Souvenirs of Drôme Provençale #4
It was on a Sunday morning at the camping. I was sitting at one of the tables available for everyone, ready to begin a new Sunday Watercolor. There was an house in front of me that I wanted to paint and I wanted to do fast because the weather was windy and cold. When I opened my sketch book and finished to prepare my tools, a cat suddenly arrived near me and started to turn around the table. I had some biscuits with me and I shared them with a bit of water. We became friends and in return he accepted to take the pose for a short while. Just enough to show me how imperious he was! I just had the time to work on the rough pencil sketch and take a photo, and then he left me for another place, in another world. The world of cats... I peacefully finished my illustration. The sun was back, the wind had stopped. Perfect for a sunday morning!