Ok so I have now drawn my backyard (which was a lot of fun, tbh) and I've put a little sunflower where they are so far. I expect more will show up, but there ended up being nineteen there right now, and there are nineteen of you, so I'm giving you all naming rights! I've numbered them all, if you want to pick one and give me a name I'll make cards up and post photos every week. Because there's nineteen of them you will all get one (unless you specifically don't want it) but if you don't request a specific name I'll just put whatever name you use here on Patreon. You're welcome to say you want your tumblr url or a character you like or name it after a sibling or someone you've lost recently, whatever you like. I'm happy to just have a string of swear words if you want, I really don't mind. I'll print out name tags and laminate them to stick in the ground some time next week, so you will have at least a week to get back to me with this. Just comment here with whatever name you want, or you can message me on tumblr if you prefer to keep it between us at first. I've written all your names down so I'll be able to remember who has which name/sunflower. I'll send you updates of your sunflower every week or two as it grows. 

But guys! I'm amazed that the numbers have worked out so beautifully here. There will be more, I planted seventy five seeds. Not all of them will turn up, but more than nineteen should grow. The next few will be for my family and friends, after that I'll open up naming rights to my tumblr mutuals and the like. 

Ok, I love you! <3