At times Racia and Antau have referred to "Sungod" where we would normally say "God." What makes "Sungod" different from what we would know as "God" or other sun deities in human history  and why, for that matter, do they refer to "Sungod" in the first place? Since "MARS FREEDOM COLONY" Part 2, "SUB SOLE," is visually dominated by the dying sun, it's appropriate to answer these questions in detail.

"Sungod" exists in every story I've written in the past two years but the role it plays varies greatly. Nevertheless, the most common shared feature of Sungod is that it is explicitly the sun. In some stories the characters believe the sun also possesses magical powers but those are always understood to exist alongside or above the physical reality of the sun as a super-dense ball of elements superheated by their combined gravitational pull into a plasma. Sungod is thus understood to have no gender; it is always "it."

Whatever magical powers characters believe the sun possesses, this never translates into believing the Sun has a human shape or is the "physical" body of a divine being which, in the "Heavens" or spiritual world, might have a human shape. Everyone knows the sun is Sungod, which looks like the sun. During the day it is always present at a fixed point in space around which their planet revolves. The concept of "atheism" is very ambiguous in Sungod stories and usually only extends to disbelieving the magical attributes cultures in the setting claim Sungod posesses. 

In upcoming posts we'll go into more detail on what makes Sungod divine, how Racia and Antau see the Sun and themselves in relation to it, and why Sungod has become such a crucial element of all my stories going forward, the history of sun deities in human history, and much more! Those posts will be exclusive to $1+ patrons, so if you're reading this and on the fence about signing up, come on in!