Sunny Days (lighting mod)

I like the Sunny Days mod very much when cornweigh first released it some times ago, and I still use it until now. I am not sure why cornweigh abandons the mod or why he doesn't come here anymore (his last activity is about 2 months ago), but I can't wait until he returns here and fixes/updates this mod of his for further game updates. During patch 1.09 (the release of Urien DLC and stage KO feature), it actually broke the Sunny Days mod for some stages like AFB, CHN, KZK but the worse is LVS (until months later I managed to fix it myself, similar fix also applies to CPT stage above). Then several DLC stages come along like RU2, DBI and recently S01 & S05. So until cornweigh decide to come back and works on Sunny Days mod again later, I decide to take over the mod for now (just like his Fewer Gimmicks mod).

Okay, enough with my story and here is the updated Sunny Days mod for v2.00+ game:

Screenshots for old stages can be seen in cornweigh's original mod post here, and here are the screenshots for the recently released DLC stages

UPDATE1: The FX file for RUS stage is updated with current file from V2.015, and also adds the "Temple Hideout / Thailand" stage into the list

UPDATE2: lighting file is updated for AFB+BRZ+KPB+LVS+RUS stage with current file from V2.021, and also adds the "Flamenco Tavern / Spain (SX1/SPN)" stage into the list

UPDATE3: Adds the three new stages from patch v2.040 (Suzaku Castle, Metro City Bay Area and Ring of Pride "CPT 2017") and also updates several stage lighting files as well (not sure what Capcom change).

UPDATE4: Adds the "English Manor" stage from patch v2.060.

UPDATE5: Now includes the individual stage for people who just want the Sunny Days mod for some stages only.

UPDATE6: Adds the "Kasugano Residence" stage.

UPDATE7: Adds the "Ring of Power (CPT 2018)" stage.

UPDATE8: Adds the "King's Court" stage, remove both CPT 2017 and CPT 2018 stages (see the NOTE section below).

UPDATE9: Adds the "Dojo" stage.

UPDATE10: Adds the "Field of Fate" stage.

UPDATE11: Adds the "Suzaku Castle at Night" stage. 

UPDATE12: Adds the "Honda Sento" stage.

UPDATE13: Adds the "Union Graveyard" stage.

 UPDATE14: adds the  "Holly Jolly Beatdown" stage 

NOTE: for the CPT 2016/2017/2018/2019 stage, go to here instead.

PS: Now the archive contains the "Stage Code References" text file which is useful for someone who doesn't want the certain stage to have the Sunny Days mod effect by deleting the unwanted file/folder and then reinstall / repack the mod again.

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