Passing an entire night on the cliffs and then be able to see this majestic dawn is just one of the strengths of this town. As I said more times I love to take pictures during night, but it isn't really possible in a big city like Rome, and unfortunately the Pedaso land isn't that good for picking images, but at least the sea offers many possibilities. I hope to take more pictures this summer, because I think you cannot pull the best out from a place if you didn't stay there for some time.

The photography is simple, as the previous of the sunset, the colors are real, I've just tried to increase the range of shades while the sky is going from red to blue. Watching at it now, maybe a more long exposure would have benefit the sea, but I hadn't the tripod with me (after a whole night you know, it's not the most comfortable). Anyway I love this picture as much as I love these sea and town in real life.