Sunscreen Sticks!
So I have been having a hard time finding simple, small, and convenient sunscreens to add to our care packages. Plus, they usually run about $7-$10 per bottle, and that's not something we can swing just yet! I found these sunscreen sticks at target and was thinking about putting them in a Ziploc baggies inside the package.... If you guys know of any affordable, less melt-prone sunscreens, let me know! Regardless, I think this is a great start!

We still have our 6 baggies from a week or two ago, so I will add these babies in! Matt and I were planning on giving those out last weekend, but given the circumstances, a stroll through downtown Austin wasn't really possible just yet.

We will keep you guys posted on when and where those go out!

Also will be drawing our Winner for the Patron giveaway tonight so stay tuned for that!