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Sunshine - Breda Anancy
---! There were technical issues with this creation. You can listen and download the song here: !--- Single Released! Title: Sunshine; Type: Single/Audio Track; Year: 2015 Band: Breda Anancy Recorded by: Cristian Di Marco (Vox/Guitar), Caterina Tabolacci (Vox), Gianmarco Colelli (Keyboards/Sax), Valerio Minna (Drums/Percussions), Danilo Camusi (Bass), Michele Fortunato (Trombone); Luca Mazzenga (Sound Engineer) Music and Lyrics: Cristian Di Marco Arranged by: Breda Anancy Producer: Luca Mazzenga Recorded at: Pratarone Studio Art Work: Giulia Simonetti, Giordano Quaresima (Gbicubica) This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This song made possible by Breda Anancy's Patrons: - Cristian Di Marco - Danilo Camusi - Gianmarco Colelli - Ilaria Cefaro - Maria Sole Ferrari - Mauro Morelli - Michele Fortunato - Pier Giacomo De Matti - Valentina Santelli - Valter Marco Thank You! Do you like our project? Join us and become our Patron!