Sunshine Girl 04
Hi! In this episode of Sunshine Girl, we can visit Brother Lok's home!

If I remember correctly, this is the only place that doesn't exist (The places in Sunshine Girl are real places!). I created it for the needs of the story. However, the refrigerator, the windows and the texture on the floor are real. I use my home for the references. 

So, welcome to my home! (half of it?)

You can watch the previous episodes from the links at the bottom of this post.

If you finished watching this episode, thank you and please don't hate the world. :)

(Chinese version)


如果我沒記錯,這是唯一 一 處不是真實存在的地方,在陽光女孩裡的地方都是實景來的,我是為了故事上的需要才畫了洛兄的家 ,不過,其中的冰箱,窗及地上的花紋是以我家為參考的。


你可以在下面的連結裡看一 看之前的三集,如果你把這集看完,謝謝,但請不要憎恨這世界。 :)

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