Sunwave Hotel v5 Release (PC and Mac Available) Android Coming

"Fixes and Lube Jobs"

May is ending but our 'heroes' still have plenty of work to do. 

I'm very excited to announce the new playable build for Sunwave Hotel.

Patch Breakdown

1- 3 new CG Scenes - New content for Perluun, the mysterious Moonelf. Adoka can now help you blow off some stream at her restaurant, and Mel, the mechanic you saved from crazy VR-controlled golfers is excited to show just how much she appreciates your help. 

This brings the total number of CG Scenes to 10 with 6 being Animated!

2 - Additional Content for the Main Quest. Mel helps you get the repair operation of your ship going. The only question remains how long it will take to get you flying again.

Download Link for $3 Supporters and Up.

Sunwave Hotel v5 (Newest Version) Link for PC only currently. Android and Mac coming in June.

Scene Demo 

Sunwave Hotel v4 is now Free for any who want to try out the game. 

Version 4 Walkthrough  

It is my absolute pleasure to drop this new update.

Thanks to all my Patrons including those who have joined the project this month. It really made my May and I hope that you will continue enjoying my updates to Sunwave Hotel and my writings. 

Have a great weekend!


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