Sup Guys! Patron Feedback :D
Hi everyone! Quick update of sorts, my patreon has officially been active for nearly 5 whole months !!!  (*´▽`)/ ★,。・:・゚  I've honestly been loving it so far and am so glad I decided to make this for you guys! It still amazes me the amount of support you all give me and I would love to keep the good will coming with more quality posts for you guys!

To keep this patreon fun and exciting for you guys I wanted to try and do a bit of a feedback post! ;v; let me know what you think of it so far, expectations you have and what you think would be nice to see in the future! 

I also would love to hear what you guys think of potential changes in my posting schedule? Currently I have a schedule of posting the patreon perks once a month (the 5th) with small updates in between.  My ultimate goal with my patreon is to make it an interactive fun place for people to chat and enjoy viewing exclusive art! currently it's still fairly small and growing so I know there isn't a lot of back and forth right now, but I definitely want to encourage you guys to like and comment on more posts!

Right now I'm not quite sure posting everything at once near the beginning of the month accomplishes that kind of atmosphere and I would love to hear your guys' opinions on that! If I do plan on posting more things through out the week rather than everything near the end then that would come with some changes to the payment schedule as well (which I would still need to look into).  So let me know if you guys would prefer having more posts through out the week or if you like and prefer the schedule that's in place right now!

 As always feedback is encouraged

+。: .゚THANKヽ(*´∀)ノ゚YOU.:。+゚