The Super Awesome Geek Show Episode 031: Phoenix Covenant ”Oh, Thar Be Dragons…”
The Super Awesome Geek Show brings you Adam and Izzy from Hikari Games! Rob joins me (John) as we take a trip through their new kickstarter for Phoenix Covenant. Phoenix Covenant is a multi-mode card / tactics game played on a game board with cards representing the characters you spawn and buildings you construct. Right now, there are four factions to chose from and the starter box comes with four pre-constructed decks with these factions, a game board, tokens and a pretty ingenious tracker for life, command points and mana! Rob and I had a blast talking to Adam and Izzy about this new game. The four factions sound amazing, the back story is incredible and fully thought out with amazing detail. The team these guys have put together has created a really well developed back story, full of lore, mystery and cataclysms. If I may borrow from what Adam has said … “… You’re a new recruit trying to prove yourself in the Legion’s grueling tests. Battle rivals to prove that you’re a commander that The Five need in order to stop the Cataclysm and earn your place amongst their great champions. In the face of a great Cataclysm, The Five guardians of the realms have formed a tenuous Covenant to bind their fortunes together and call able commanders to duty. As a commanding officer in the Phoenix Legion, it is on you to out-wit and out-play your opponents. …” Near the end of this episode, Adam stays on and geeks out with Rob and I about his love of maps and cartography. We chat about the tall ships of old and ponder what it must have been like to create these amazingly accurate maps with just your eyes and pure human ingenuity. It’s amazing to think what ancient man had to go through to create such accurate treasures! Hope you enjoy this introduction to Pheonix Covenant and please, follow the links below to learn more and help get this game off the ground! Hikari Games: Phoenix Covenant Support The Super Awesome Geek Show!