Super big thanks once again to you guys!

Hey guys! 

So we are now starting a dual stream to hitbox and to twitch as well. 

I might move over to Hitbox in the future.. not yet tough! 

Theres some things i have to sort out with Hitbox BUT the MAIN reason i would want to go over to Hitbox is for quality options. But it seems that's not the case on Hitbox side. I thought getting partnered on their side would mean quality options but it seems that's not how it works there. 

So I will be streaming to both. Things will go as usual only if we have viewers on Hitbox i will read their comments as well.
Its an experiment i guess so let see how that works out. 

What i want from hitbox is:

-1080p Stream


-Quality options

-Super low video delay

If we can get this on Hitbox then i would love to switch over but right now ill do both, and maybe we can stick to both. As i said its an experiment and i hope you guys benefit from it! :D 

Lets just have some fun and see this evolve ! 

Thank you guys and ill see you later today.

Starting from scratch on Hitbox so i would appreciate it if you guys could give a follow there as well, Please and thank you :D

Also i attached a RocketLR & SSA badge.. Wear it with pride! its still work in progress.